Claire Grady-Smith

digital marketing 

& audience development


If you have a product or service that you believe will make the world a better place, I can help you communicate this to your existing audience. 

I can also help you develop and grow new branches of your current audience, and together we can create products and solutions to meet their needs. 


I was recently contracted by to shift the brand voice of their company, and help market their new on-demand platform of workout videos. I came up with SweatFlix for the latter, and discovered, after a few months of customer service, that their audience needed a specific kind of support in their efforts to lose weight and become healthy and fit. 

At their request, I started a Support Group which quickly became a vibrant, compassionate forum for "BodyRockers" all over the world. In this Group, they could assist each other, talk about their issues, and keep each other accountable.

The impact that this had on how we wrote blog posts, created newsletters, and crafted our message via social media cannot be overestimated. I had a thrilling year working with a brilliant team and learned an enormous amount about branding, audience building, and digital marketing.  



Celebrate what is happening not just in your own business, but throughout the diverse community to which you are connected.


Open up to your community with live streams and behind the scenes content that show who you are and what you care about.


Posts should speak to the issues your community cares about. Generate more traffic by getting to the heart of what matters to them.