Claire Grady-Smith

digital marketing 

& audience development


After completing my Masters in Cultural Studies, I knew that my life would never be fulfilling unless I was constantly researching, curating, and producing cultural experiences. 

After learning graphic design, web development, social media and digital marketing, I knew that my skills would only make it easier and more fun to work on cultural projects alongside my regular work and contracts. 


2017 | The most recent project I was involved with was Electric Circuits, the first electronic music festival in the world to feature only artists who are based in Canada. Our collective joined to put on this two night performance featuring over 30 DJs of electronic (house, techno, ambient, drone) music, visual artists, an acrobat and performing artists. 

DJs were paired up with visual artists to create an interdisciplinary, collaborative festival that would overwhelm the senses. 

My job was to market the festival, and I also ended up branding the festival visually as well, following a brain wave and creative surge. Obtaining in-kind and cash sponsorships, generating leads for future use, designing and building the website, posting on Facebook, and creating handbills and posters for the two nights of programming were my responsibility. It was exhausting, challenging and in the end, an enormous success. Every local media outlet covered us and we had strong attendance for our first year. The collective will continue to build on this success for many years to come. 


2015-2016 | After spending a year in Montreal and becoming involved with two storytelling events, Confabulation and Yarn, I realized the complex, postmodern approach to storytelling was a new art form that hadn't yet been explored in Kingston, Ontario. 

I created the logo, website, and event that became Garrula, and roped in some talented speakers for four editions of the show. I also contracted a recording artist, Matt Rogalsky, who helped me create a Podcast. After the first edition, I took on a co-producer, Kim Renders, who was able to bring in even more energy and talent and her years of training as a professor of drama and director.