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STOP! Don't spend $20K

$20,000 is the ballpark for an agency to audit your work to date, and suggest a rebrand and new content strategy. You don't have to go that far. Most companies do not need to spend this amount of money on a strategy document. All you need is to get some clarity about your messaging and some new content ideas.

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The First Meeting

My process is dead simple. Your time investment is minimal. We meet, you tell me who you are and what you're struggling with, and then I move to Step 2 on my own time.


The Audit

I need to look under the hood! I need to see your stats, the size of your lists, what your followers are saying to you on your social media platforms, and what your tech stack is. I'll write a short report for you about key takeaways from this audit, which will be included in your final doc.

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The Document

We meet to go over my findings and the document I've created for you. You will learn about your audience(s): their identity, their pain points, your competitors approach, and how you can create a new, unique audience around your brand.


The Bonus Material

After the doc is approved, I get to work again. This last step is what sets me apart from all other Strategists. I will give you actual work. I love writing so much, and it is so easy for me to flesh out my strategy doc, that I will actually write 5 blogs and 5 newsletters for you, as part of my delivery package. Nobody else is doing this, especially not for the price I offer.

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The Cost

This entire process is only a maximum 2 hour time commitment for you, and you will receive a minimum of 30 days of content. That's why I call this the 30 Day Content Package. Here's the best part, my price for all of this is only:


How can you possibly deliver at that rate, you ask?
I'll break it down for you:


The initial meeting is valued at $1000 for the session. Many people have this meeting, and verbally get all the answers they need. But if you stay with me, I can deliver way more value.


The Audit alone is worth $1000, as I will do a deep dive into your metrics, equipped with my knowledge about what is profitable for your industry.


The document is your idea factory, your blueprint and your Bible rolled into one.  It contains your key messages and audience pain points. This is worth $2000 to your company.


Don't try to do too much. Just try to write and test some key messages and test how your audience responds after just 2. I'll give you 5. Emails and blogs are each worth $200 a pop. So this value is another $2000

Get the Package. Save 33%.

Commonly asked questions:

"Can I just get one of the above 4 services? If yes, how much would that cost?

Sure can! That's why I gave you the individual prices, above.

"Do I have to give you the keys to my kingdom, for the Audit part?"

Nope! You can give me some stats via email. But the more info I have, the better my advice.

"Do I have to pay all at once or do you have a payment plan option?"

Up to you! You can pay in 4 installments if you wish. We can automate this with a credit card to make it super simple for you.

"Do you have any testimonials from previous clients?"

I sure do!

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Tell me more!

Sure, I'd be glad to. Just book a 30 minute meeting with me via Calendly!